Due to global warming and constant climate change the risk for our planet remains high with dramatic consequences.

BENEFFICE will make you a hero in this fight!

Why is BENEFFICE for me?

  • Reduce your energy bill through only one meter which monitors your energy consumption and an easy to use mobile app
  • Monitor your daily, weekly or monthly energy consumption of any of your household’s devices
  • Act “green” with personalized recommendations, that make your home more energy efficient, by answering quizzes and accepting fun challenges
  • Earn Green Euros, which can be used in a neo-bank app to pay in actual Euro
  • Join us in a pioneering research project in 5 different countries (Austria, France, Greece, Spain and Denmark) and learn more about climate friendly behaviour
  • Learn how to live “green”


Contact us at info@beneffice.eu and start saving!