Compte CO2 (CCO2) has potential access to over 1 million customers from its existing customer basis including: (a) a large food distribution retailer (E.Leclerc in Pont Labbe) having access to over 30k consumers, in this neighbourhood. There are 577 retail outlets under the E.Leclerc brand in France, and CCO2 is currently contacting other shops nationwide. (b) the city of Bordeaux, with an access to 700k households (c) the Region of Pays de Loire, and some local governments in this area, of over 250k households (d) larges corporate groups, such as Engie, Suez Environment, which are looking at giving access to CCO2 to both their employees (60k employees in France) and their own customers (over 200k). From the existing customer base and new potential customers which will be attracted during the project the CCO2 will procure 35 validation consumers.