The BENEFFICE system will be composed of S/w and H/w modules which capture lifestyle, context and energy use data and external data such as weather forecasts and will process them to provide the most matching, personalised recommendations.

The BENEFFICE environment will be composed of the following components:

Sensing hardware and gateway: it will be based on existing, inexpensive, commercial sensors and technologies integrated, providing easy, “plug-and-play-and-forget” deployment. The sensing gateway will incorporate context sensors which capture the energy profile in terms of turning on/off HVAC devices, lights, etc.

Portable device application: it will be implemented on top of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter etc.) to provide understandable visualisation of the real-time consumption and comparative feedback based on data captured and processed. It will also support the management of the €O2 credit account.

Multifactorial Behavioural Model: it will correlate various factors connected to energy use such as the user profile and personal characteristics (age, neighbourhood and environment, educational level, profession, etc.), lifestyle (derived by social media analytics), context and energy use and defines patterns that correlate these with recommended behaviour for energy consumption.

Energy disaggregation: a real-time situation awareness module that will include actual measurements that record electricity consumption. Energy disaggregation algorithms will estimate energy consumption per appliance without equipping them with smart meters.

Backend system: a cloud based implementation which will (a) store the collected data within the framework of BENEFFICE, (b) capture the social media profile of users by interfacing with social media applications, (c) perform data analytics to identify energy saving opportunities, (d) implement the behaviour model as a recommendation tool, (e) capture the external weather data to forecast the expected energy production of micro-generation sources, (f) schedule energy use accordingly to direct energy consumption of the green energy when this is available and (g) enhance an existing €O2 credit management system to fit the aims of BENEFFICE.