BENEFFICE is a part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and supports the EU Green Deal, the new EU growth strategy for a “greener” society.

Its aim is to reduce wasted energy by changing the daily behaviour of people in their homes.

Here’s how it works

  1. You save energy
  2. BENEFFICE measures it
  3. You get rewarded in €O2s, which can be spent using a neo-banking application

This is achieved by installing novel IoT enabled devices at your home, which capture your total energy consumption. Then a mobile app helps you in your daily effort on energy consumption reduction, by giving you personalized advice and suggesting schedules that suit your preferences.

Intelligent algorithms calculate your savings, so the more energy you save, the more €O2 coins you earn.

The new €O2 coin is born!

BENEFFICE launches €O2, an alternative currency, which aims to support reduction of energy waste in houses, through a system of rewards for its users.

€O2 coins are created when energy is saved. €O2s are minted by effective users’ behavior, based on successfully completed challenges that proven energy reductions.

The earned €O2 can be spent with an €O2 credit card in any shop, on the internet, or they can be transferred to any other bank account using your smartphone.

Install the BENEFFICE hardware in your house (plug-and-play-and-forget)   Follow up your energy consumption through a mobile app   Follow recommendations, complete challenges and adopt a more energy efficient behavior   Save energy, and earn €O2 coins   Exchange €O2 coins with Euros
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Awesome, right?