BENEFFICE’s goal is to stimulate a new market perspective for energy services and demonstrate, that the energy market offers opportunities for investments for Retailers, Utilities and DSOs, which are in line with their business strategies and also for consumers who can benefit from reducing their energy bill.

But is there any opportunities for you resulting from the EU Green Deal?

Of course!

  • Adopt a new revenue stream offering energy efficiency services and products
  • Give value to your energy smart meters for your customers and monitor their energy efficiency
  • Reduce your churn rate by offering “attractive” and complementary services to your clients
  • Plan energy supplies effectively, based on the availability of real-time consumption monitoring of large number of involved customers
  • Innovate in “green” offers and services that attract spending Green Euros to further support the EU Green Deal objectives
  • Promote actions of social responsibility

Interested? So are we!

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